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Hello everyone, and welcome to spiritualkinetics. We hope you find the techniques you are looking for to help you in your training. When training, always believe, have faith and good dedication. Never give up on yourself.


          "Impossibility comes from a limited mind"




    If any member would like to chat with other energy users, here is our friendly ally chatting website http://schoolofenergy.chatovod.com/

   Also if you would like to learn other techniques that this site may not offer, here is an ally friendly website to check out http://pathtoevolution.webs.com/


Remember to always train and safe and have fun.


Message: If there is anyone in the Philadelphia Area, please contact Ctreo.                                         
































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Hello, welcome to spiritualkinetics, we hope you find all the ki training you need. If you have any questions or concerns, you can send me(ctreo) a message or my partner crossfire.